Macau has two casinos to suspend operations

On Saturday, January 19, Ponte 16 Casino at a Macau resort suffered a 10-hour gambling suspension after losing power from one of its uninterruptible power supplies. Fortunately, the shutdown did not result in a significant loss of revenue for the company, but now the second casino reported that it also had no power for several hours on the same day.

GGRAsia reports that it received confirmation from the Macau Gaming Supervision Bureau that Golden Dragon Casino, located near the Macau Marine Ferry Terminal, was forced to suspend its gambling activities for five hours on January 19 due to power problems. Gambling establishments were closed from 10:00 to 15:00 local time. An email from the DICJ Inspection Bureau to GGRAsia said: “On January 19, 2019, apart from the power outages that occurred at Casino Ponte 16, Golden Dragon Casino was also temporarily suspended starting at 10am that day due to problems with power supply; but work at Golden Dragon Casino resumed at 15:00 the same day. “

GGRAsia contacted the local power company to find out what might have happened, but they said there were no power outages at the facilities at the time. In addition, the company did not receive inquiries from gambling operators about the problem with the power supply.

Golden Dragon Casino is licensed by SJM Holdings. According to GGRAsia, the news service tried to contact Golden Dragon Group CEO Jang Meng Kam to inquire about the disconnection, but received no response.

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