Malaysia Police Uncover Illegal Internet Gambling Network

Penang State Police in Malaysia uncovered a criminal gambling group with an illegal monthly income of Ringgit 1 million (about USD 238,521). After a series of raids, police seized equipment and arrested nine people who were part of an illegal Internet gambling syndicate, including the organizers of the illegal scheme.

State Police Chief Datuk Sahabudin Abd Manan told local media that Penang police conducted several intelligence and surveillance operations to uncover an illegal gambling network in the weeks prior to the arrest of its members.

Police found out that the syndicate turned three luxury condos into call centers that were used to accept bets. The group also used the store for their activities. All four properties were located in and around Bukit Mertajam on mainland Penang. State police raided three condos and a store between July 25-30. Eight men between the ages of 19 and 21 were detained during the raids, as well as their alleged leader. Also during the raids, the police seized various equipment that the group used for its activities, including laptops, computers, servers, smartphones, routers and a large number of SIM cards.

How the syndicate functioned?

Penang Police Chief Explains Illegal Gambling Companies Target Players By Sending Random Messages To Potential Customers Through Messaging Apps. Then interested players contacted the gambling establishment to place bets.

Also, the police found 16 bank accounts in different banks that were opened and used by an illegal gambling company to transfer money to and from clients. Players who wanted to place bets in the syndicate had to deposit a certain amount of money into bank accounts. They were then given a password and more information on how to play online games.

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