Marina Bay Sands will pay the player $ 6.5 million for negligence

He believes that Marina Bay Sands is responsible for what happened because they did not contact him and did not make sure that he really approves of the transfers. Who was the recipient of this money, and how much each of them received, is not disclosed.

Wang Xi stated that his signature was simply copied. And it was not possible to carry out an examination during the proceedings, since the casino destroyed the original documents in order to maintain confidentiality. According to a friend of the victim, they made a deal with the casino on the terms that neither side will admit guilt.

Million dollar lawsuits between gamblers and casinos can last for years. Recently, another multi-year trial was concluded. When the famous poker player Phil Ivey and the Borgata casino, after 6 years of litigation, came to a compromise. The poker player was accused of fraud when playing at high stakes, and the amount of the question exceeded $ 10 million.

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