MGA: No data on increase in gaming activity

With the introduction of quarantine in many countries, regulators began to impose various restrictions. Latvia has banned online casinos altogether, Belgium has set a loss limit of € 500 / week. Sweden is only considering the option of limits. All of them were convinced that players would leave too much in the casino due to the fact that they were forced to isolate themselves.

However, the opinion has been repeatedly voiced that there is no evidence that players have started spending more on online casinos. And this opinion was supported by the Maltese regulator. According to a spokesman for the MGA, the data they receive from operators shows that significant changes in player behavior have not been observed with the spread of the coronavirus.

The regulator advises that the conclusions they draw from their own observations are consistent with the data provided by the operators. The MGA admit that they expected a much more dramatic change in player behavior than what is actually happening.

This debate about whether online casinos are playing more with the introduction of quarantine or not has been discussed for a long time. And if in theory this can be expected, then those who in practice collect information, declare the absence of such a trend. Casinomeister got interested in the same question and conducted a survey among users. According to the results of their survey (214 participants):

  • 1% spend a lot more
  • 21% slightly more
  • 3% casino costs unchanged
  • 6% casino expenses decreased

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