Microgaming Signs Exclusive Agreement with GONG Gaming Technologies

Microgaming has signed an exclusive delivery contract with Gong Gaming Technologies Game Development Studio.

Created in 2020 by a team of enthusiastic industry veterans with more than twenty years of experience in the gaming industry, Gong is dedicated to the creation of premium sensational entertainment products.

Prior to this agreement, Gong has previously collaborated with Microgaming to create two new games: Mad Pirate’s Quest and Magnificent Skulls Heap.

The first exclusive release of Gong on a new deal, Inferno Gladiator, is available on the host game online platform Microgaming. This dynamic slot machine, decorated in Roman theme, is located in the Fire Coliseum, there are free spins and sticky jokers.

Dmitry Farbman, co-founder and CEO of GONG Gaming Technologies, said:

“It is a great honor and pleasure for us at GONG to cooperate with Microgaming. Our main goal is to create quality and engaging games. We are constantly striving to improve them and introduce innovations. We were very pleased with the feedback we received on our two recent releases with Microgaming, Pirate’s Quest and Skulls Heap, and we can’t wait to take our future content to the next level together. “

Andrew Booth, Game Director at Microgaming, said:

“It’s great to see the new studio bring multiple games to market so quickly and we are very excited to welcome GONG to our platform. With math oriented logic and already having some great creations, GONG is actively developing innovative content. We believe they have the potential to create even more advanced gaming technology in the future, wrapped in vibrant artwork. “

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