MrGreen and Redbet lost Casinomeister accreditation

But after the recent change of employees, the situation has changed. Now they do not want to listen and say that they cannot help in any way regarding the discussions of the players’ problems.

So with a heavy heart, MrGreen and Redbet are now listed in the Gray Zone. I am sure that most of the players will not have problems there, but if you do have any problems, we will not be able to help.

Trend or coincidence?

Not so long ago, at the same Casinomeister, the case with the BGO casino was discussed, which initially collaborated with representatives of the forum, but then stopped. The reason they pointed out is that Casinomeister is not an official dispute resolution service approved by the UK regulator. It is the rules of the license, they say, that do not give them the right to work through them.

However, another respected resource, ThePOGG, explained that the rule referenced by BGO and some other operators is just a cover. In fact, the rule does not prohibit cooperation with any dispute resolution services, and he discussed this directly with a representative of the UK Gambling Commission.

Maybe this is a new trend, when operators are beginning to realize that, for some reason, demanding affiliate sites are not profitable for them? Or is it just a coincidence that several major sites have become less willing to collaborate.

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