NetEnt will release Halloween Jack for Halloween. Details unknown

Players are expected to feel creepy, scared, etc. from playing the slot. But it’s hard to believe that a slot machine can have such an effect on players at all. This has been promised to the players more than once, but the promises do not come true. Vampires, monsters, zombies and other horror stories end up being played in a normal, calm mode.

Presumably, the developer will provide the details a few weeks before the launch of the slot. In the meantime, everyone is just wondering what they can do and what opportunities the slot will offer.

Who is Halloween Jack?

This is some kind of unpopular character. I entered a query into a search engine, I thought there would be a bunch of results, but no. Along the way, this is a hero from the Marvel comics. It has a long history with many twists and turns. He is originally a talented researcher who worked on the Virtual Unreality project. At one point, he voluntarily turns into Loki to clean up Las Vegas casinos.

But he was caught, and accidentally activated some kind of chemical processes that turned him into a monster. Since then, he could change his appearance and turn into any person and even into an object. In general, initially it is a swindler, and then – a villain who keeps people at bay.

There is also the movie The Legend of Halloween Jack (2018). The plot is as follows. The serial killer escaped punishment, but the villagers caught him and killed him. On Halloween night, he returns to take revenge.

NetEnt will release Halloween Jack for Halloween.  Details unknown

Well, maybe this will give a hint of what to expect from the October novelty in terms of design.

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