New Instant Keno Game from Expanse Studios

Have you ever played keno? The fun lotto-like game is a real blast, especially when you add multipliers to the mix. This is what Expanse Studios were hoping for with the release of Instant Keno, an instant fan favorite that can pay huge sums of money.

You can play the studio’s newest hit game exclusively at Meridianbet Casino. This version contains many surprises in a familiar package that will appeal to keno players. Instant Keno is the lottery you’ve always wanted but could never find, with an RTP range between 96-96.71% and side bets.

Expanse’s Instant Keno Starts On An 80 Number Board. They are divided into yellow, red, green and blue colors (20 pieces each). To start the game, you need to place a bet. A range of options available, from a minimum of 1 unit to a whopping 7,500 coins. Place any bet that suits you best and click the Play button.

You can choose one or more numbers (maximum 10) or choose randomly from 2 to 9 numbers. Then you have to click on the “Add” button to put the numbers on the right – just like in a lottery ticket. The next thing you need to do is place a bet and wait for a possible payout.

What sets Instant Keno apart from the rest are the extra bets and multipliers. From side bets, you can place bets on the first color of the number, the sum of the first numbers, even / odd, the first number, or a specific line for the first number. The odds for each additional bet are displayed next to it and increase your winnings by that number.

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