New Ismael Beiro Celebrity Slot From MGA Games Goes On Air

MGA Games, which specializes in the development of localized slot machines for global operators, launches Ismael Beiro, its latest slot machine with Spanish celebrities. The star of the new game is part of the television history that won the first broadcast of Big Brother, Spain’s longest running reality show.

Millions of viewers who followed the exploits of the protagonist still fondly remember his friendliness and straightforwardness, thanks to which he won and became one of the most famous faces in Spain.

In MGA Games, they managed to perfectly convey his audacity and cheerful character at each rotation. To achieve this goal, the company collaborated with a native of Cadiz, who recorded all the sound samples in the game. These include such phrases as “Pisha” and “Compadre”, which he himself popularized.

In the game, Ismail accompanies his inseparable friend Ivan Armesto, whom he first met in the house of a big brother and since then divided numerous adventures with him. Together they offer users the opportunity to enjoy a new exciting slot. In the new slot ISMAEL Beiro also has 6 mini-games, the largest amount created by MGA Games for one game. With their help, customers online casinos will be able to learn about the life and times of Ismael Beiro, passing through the Big Brother’s house in Guadalix de la Sierra.

The latest addition to the MGA Games portfolio is a 3 × 3 slot with a € 0.20 minimum bet and € 10 maximum bet, with a € 10,000 top prize and medium volatility. Ismael Beiro is already available for all online casinos that operate in Spain and are part of the MGA Games partner network.

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