New jackpot system from Habanero – Jackpot Race

Perhaps soon the games connected to the Jackpot Race system will start appearing in the Habanero casino. This is a development that the company hopes to implement in as many casinos as possible.

The difference with this system is that jackpots are paid before the set time. However, this is not news as Red Tiger Gaming is already offering their jackpots with guaranteed winnings at some point. Although Habanero did bring something new. The jackpot is awarded to more than one player, but will be divided between actively playing players.

The activity of the players will be taken into account at the moment when the jackpot was hit. This is a truly innovative and rather interesting solution, now the players seem to be on the same team and pursue a common goal.

The developer hopes for the popularity of the product due to the fact that it can be adjusted to different parameters. The casino can connect any number of slot machines, set the duration of the jackpot accumulation, the minimum bets that can participate in the drawing and other parameters.

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