New York-New York casino robbed, suspect arrested

Gambling establishments across the United States have experienced the severity of the quarantine. As soon as they open up, other troubles fell on them. A tropical storm that flooded a casino in Mississippi, a strike ahead of the launch of a gambling business in Las Vegas, and now a robbery of a New York-New York casino.

The details of the incident were not specified. It is only known that the event took place in the early hours of Thursday, June 11th. An armed man approached the main cash register and demanded money, then disappeared with them. The amount was not specified. The weapon was not used or even pulled out.

Police found the suspect at the MGM Grand casino less than 2 hours after arrival. According to them, there were no casualties or injuries. At the moment, the suspect is in prison.

Vegas casinos are regularly attacked by robbers. But apparently, after the resumption of work on June 4, this is the first such incident. The institution was lucky that the suspect was found immediately, as the search for some of the robbers dragged on for years.

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