No Redemption Bonuses – An Emerging Trend or a Temporary Solution?

Other operators are gradually catching up to this wagerless trend. Perhaps this is the birth of a new era, or maybe the solution will not be popular and will not advance further. The casinos are too used to building huge obstacles in front of the players to get them to spend money.

Incomprehensible terms and conditions of bonuses

It seems that many online operators do deliberately complicate the bonus terms and conditions. Instead of verbalizing everything in simple and understandable language, they manage to confuse everything. As a result, an inexperienced player will not want to go into details and will simply agree to the terms. This impatience plays into the hands of the operators.

However, there are often very detailed descriptions of what acting out is. At the same time, examples of calculations are offered to make it even clearer for the players. The British regulator strives for just such a responsible attitude, when everything is clear, understandable and in plain sight. Not only UK players will benefit from this, but all others who play at UKGC licensed casinos will also benefit.

Acting standards and wishes

Nowadays, the standard is acting in the 30s and 40s . It turns out that for the $ 100 bonus, you will need to put down $ 3,000 or $ 4,000. And to do it in a limited time. Sometimes it is 30 days, and maybe only 7 days or even less.

It would be great if casinos could not attribute their countless whims to the bonus terms. If regulators set a list of terms and conditions, and maybe wagering limits and minimum terms, it would be even better. This way, players would not have to read every word in order not to miss any special casino condition.

Is it possible in the future to have stricter regulation of the terms and conditions of bonuses? Will regulators dictate what casinos can demand from players in return for bonuses?

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