Nolimit City Explained The Significance Of A Mysterious Police Officer In San Quentin

Usually, all the symbols that can appear on the reels of the slot are listed in the paytable. However, Nolimit City decided to leave a surprise in the form of an image of a police officer in the San Quentin slot machine. This cop is not on the San Quentin paytable, which must have caused some confusion among the players. But the developer explained its meaning on Twitter.

We got a lot of questions about the Cop in the Lockdown Spins bonus round of the San Quentin xWays slot.

On rare occasions, you might be particularly lucky and receive the Policeman symbol, which adds the accumulated multiplier directly to Jumping Wilds! An example is below in the video.

We’ve received a lot of questions regarding the Policeman during Lockdown Spins in San Quentin xWays.

On rare occasions, you might get extra lucky and land the Policeman ?? – which instead adds the collected multiplier straight to the jumping wilds! – Example in the video below.

– Nolimit City (@CityNolimit) February 15, 2021

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