NSoft Lottery – take players on a virtual journey around the world

The Lottery is NSoft’s new gaming category that gives players the ability to place bets on the results of real lottery draws from around the world. Players make rates on the results of international lotteries with customizable coefficients.

Lottery Types are divided into lotteries with a bonus ball (Powerball and an extra ball) and lottery without a bonus ball. Players can also bet on raffle drums or random numbers draw (random number generator).

NSoft Lottery is provided through BetraDar Unified ODDS Feed (UOF), which covers more than 160 lotteries from more than 30 countries. UOF minimizes the possibility of errors and failures in production.

Moting of this game – a combination of several factors. Lotto – a classic game with the highest rating that was not in the NSOFT portfolio. After several requests from customers and on the basis of partnership with BetraDar, it was decided to expand the proposal for this game. World lotteries that are present in this game, leave the opportunity to attract as a variety of clientele from around the world.

This product has been created to satisfy the needs of both betting operators and players. In the last year of product development, a dedicated team in the NSoft Games sector was responsible for this project. A group of seven experts was responsible for development, business and quality assurance (QA). In addition to the mandatory highest standards of security and stability, the team wanted to create a product that could be effectively adapted and included new features.

With a mobile-first approach, players always have what they need in app development. NSoft’s online channel lottery is visually appealing and easy to use, and cloud-based deployment delivers outstanding game performance. NSoft Lottery, created with cutting-edge technology, is an example of the future development of microservices in the betting world.

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