One bet deprived the player of the right to withdraw bonus winnings

What conclusion can be drawn?

Getting a casino bonus is easy. It’s hard to play it. But it is impossible to withdraw winnings in case of violation of the rules. Based on this player’s sad experience, always check to see if you are running prohibited games. Better yet, take screenshots of the terms and conditions that list the prohibited games. There have been cases when casinos supplemented the list retroactively.

If you suddenly make a similar mistake, do not count on the mercy of the operator . Even if the support service tells you that everything is fine, when you withdraw money, everything may turn out to be completely abnormal. It is better to immediately refuse wagering such a bonus and do not waste emotions and money. With that banned bet in the Banana Jones game, the player won $ 16. But it is not important. Even if he didn’t win anything, the casino would still rob him of his conclusions.

Perhaps at least the UK regulator and other respected jurisdictions in the future will oblige operators to warn players about prohibited games. Then the chances of getting a casino bonus and withdrawing will be slightly higher.

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