One of the main shareholders of Evolution sells hundreds of millions of shares

Despite the fact that this year turned out to be a failure for many companies, Evolution Gaming remained a big winner. Even before the announcement of the purchase of NetEnt, their shares were growing in value. And when it became known that the two companies would merge into one mega family, the share price soared even higher.

Now one of the main shareholders of Evolution Gaming, English billionaire Richard Livingston, is dumping 8.5 million of his shares, which is 4.7% of the company’s total shares. This should bring him about $ 667 million. In total, he has 16.4% of Evolution shares.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the year, the value of shares has increased by 140%. That is, even in January it varied within 300 kroons, and in mid-July it increased to almost 700 kroons. And all this, first of all, due to the increase in demand for their services during the coronavirus.

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