Online casino streamers. How do they make money and how to become one of them?

Perhaps you got the impression that casino streamers do not strain at all and at the same time earn great money. However, this may be a misconception. Of course, this is not a job where by the end of the shift you sweat and fall out in the mud, but you also need to invest in it in order to achieve results.

The work of casino streamers is tantamount to creating a show. Only here there is no team of writers, designers, cameramen, sound engineers and all the others who help make this show. You need to do everything yourself, or hire someone as far as financially possible.

How do online casino streamers make money?

Earnings come from affiliate programs. The casino streamers provide a link, and the viewers follow it to the casino they work with. If there are registrations, replenishments and losses of the players registered by the link, the streamer receives a percentage of the casino’s profit. Everything is the same as in ordinary affiliate programs, the affiliate simply acts not through its own website, but through broadcasts on different sites.

Unlike other areas, casino streamers, in theory, should have an initial capital. After all, they need to spend money on casino bets in order to spin the reels or play something else. And this is a big risk, since you can lose in a casino and still not earn anything through an affiliate program.

But in practice, there are options to do without or minimize costs . For example, streamers can play not for real money, but for fake money, when a casino credits streamers with money for, say, "working balance". The streamer sets everything up so that he bets his own $ 100 per spin, but in fact this money is not real. He can only twist them, and he will never bring them out.

Everyone wins in this case, except for naive spectators. The casino receives advertising, the streamer seems to be more successful, and the viewer, in fact, does not suffer in any way. A harmless deception, so to speak.

There are also options without deceiving the audience. Streamers simply receive special bonuses from online casinos. They can be larger and more profitable than ordinary players get, because the casino is also interested in cooperation with them. Then it turns out that streamers have to invest less of their money and it will be easier to win back. Read more about how casino streamers make money here.

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