Online casino without registration bonus. Why choose them?

How to determine if a sign up bonus is beneficial?

Bonus hunters are players who specialize in taking advantage of bonuses. They use a special formula: 100% – (wager * casino advantage) . Anyone can use this formula. It simply shows how profitable or unprofitable it is to take a bonus on certain conditions.

100% in the formula above is the bonus amount. The wager for registration bonuses is usually very high, in the 60-80x region. The house edge counts towards the specific game you intend to play. For example, it will be a slot machine with a 96% return. Then the house edge will be 4%. Presumably, the calculation for a no deposit offer will look like this. 100% – (70 * 4%) = -180%.

A negative number means that the bonus is not profitable . And the number will remain negative with such data, unless the wager drops to 25x, which is impossible in most cases. If the house edge is 3% , then the wager should be around 33x . And this is also unlikely for proposals of this type. It turns out that it is better to play online casinos without a registration bonus.

This formula really works. However, it is justified with a very long game. Sometimes players can get lucky and they will win back the sign up bonus due to the big winnings. But you must also remember that the maximum withdrawal amount will be limited somewhere in the range of $ 50-100.

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