“Outrageous” big earnings for the founder of Bet365

Denise Coates founded the online bookmaker Bet365, which is today a mega brand. And her earnings over the past year have outraged some people, they were so high.

Denise earned £ 265 million in 2017 . At the current exchange rate, this is approximately $ 339 million. Her salary was 220 million pounds, and she received the rest of the money as dividends from the office’s shares.

According to one resource, she earned 27 times more than Apple’s Tim Cook and 1,700 times more than the British Prime Minister. Of course, assuming that her daily earnings were almost a million dollars .

Some are simply outraged that she earned so much and did not share, noting that there are now a lot of gambling addicts and it is indecent to earn so much when others are suffering. There are those who accuse her of greed, allegedly a billionaire, where she has more money.

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