Parimatch: We Want To Become Netflix In The World Of Gambling

Parimatch creates a technology entertainment platform that is reshaping the betting industry. The company’s goal is to move away from the classic idea of ​​a bookmaker and become a gaming and entertainment platform. The company took its first step in the fall with the introduction of the new game Footboss. Parimatch Marketing Director Sergey Berezhnoy explained how a simple session game can change the way players think about betting.

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  • Footboss: concept
  • Footboss as a non-trivial bonus for players
  • Immersion in the gaming world and a new betting experience
  • Game launch results

Footboss: concept

Footboss’s ultimate goal is to free ten major football stadiums from the giants’ takeover. The key character of the game is the coach, whose daily task is to teach his players how to execute winning penalties and practice non-standard tactics.

With each new session, players discover new ways to improve their skills and chances of winning. Randomly distributed rewards and missions give the journey unexpected twists and turns: different items, different quests, and different heroes. Also of interest are loot boxes: a kind of “kinder surprise for adults”.

By playing Footboss every day for 5 minutes, you can improve the skills of your football team, learn about the vulnerabilities of your giant rivals, win victories and win real prizes – Samsung Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacBook Air 13, Sony PS4, iPad Air 10, just to name a few.

Footboss as a non-trivial bonus for players

Footboss is not money; it’s more about emotion and brand loyalty. The game is completely free. To get started, all you need is a Parimatch account. For the gameplay, the model is “free play”: the more you play, the more you progress for free. In this model, the status of the player is not important – the desire to play is important.

Immersion in the gaming world and a new betting experience

Footboss is a refreshing gameplay with a love of football. Together with their team, the players create the history of football, traveling through the stadiums of Europe. Although the game is pure fiction, it is steeped in football: the best player on the team is Terminaldo, a character very similar to the real Cristiano.

In this game, betting is more of a bonus than a necessity. The coach offers to complete additional tasks: place a bet on e-sports, football, hockey or basketball. This participation helps players to advance faster in the game and get in-game items.

Game launch results

More than 100,000 players took part in the first version of the game, in which they played more than 1,000,000 battles and completed more than 350,000 quests. During 36 days of the promotion, players opened 405 834 loot boxes with hundreds of real prizes from Parimatch.

Previously, we wrote, that Parimatch has partnered with the leading gaming studio RubyPlay to distribute RubyPlay content through the Tain platform for Parimatch players.

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