Players don’t really understand the essence of RTP slots. Expert opinion

They are still very uneducated about other aspects of the game, which can show if they will have a positive experience or not, or if they will like the game. A single RTP value that is below 96% or 95.5% does not mean that the game will not have the level of volatility that they like.

They attach more importance to this indicator than before, but I still don’t think they fully understand it.

Veiko Krunberg , Managing Director of Olympic Entertainment noted that if the developers continue to release different versions of the same slot with different RTPs, players will soon figure it out. And since 95% of players do not understand the RTP, affiliates can start building casino ratings based on their proposed RTP.

This interview is part of a series on recoil where developers discuss whether different RTD values ​​are permissible for one slot, and whether a minimum return value should be set at the legal level.


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