Playtech Investors Panic Over Coronavirus

Playtech warned investors that the coronavirus could have a significant impact on their results. Not only the Asian market will suffer, but also the European one. Their operator Snai is located in Italy, and this country is now also experiencing difficult times due to the epidemic. As a result, the company’s share price dropped by 11.2%.

According to the company, the virus has a significant impact on operations in China and Italy. Therefore, their forecasts for 2020 are likely to be missed. Adding to the gloomy mood is the fact that the UK is considering introducing a £ 2 limit on online casino bets. Considering that they receive almost all the income in this market from slot machines, such a scenario will not be a weak blow for them. What the company has already warned about.

Playtech aren’t the only ones worried about the coronavirus. Aristocrat recently announced the cancellation of all travel to Asia. However, in their case, no disruption to normal operation is expected, since the share of the Asian market in their activities is insignificant.

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