Playtech live casino head communicates with GamblingInsider

What new products are you working on in 2019 and beyond?

One of our biggest ambitions is entertainment. We are in the entertainment industry; forgot about it. Everyone is focused on money – that’s the last thing I think about. I want to make sure the player’s first click is as good as their last. So we’re really focused on the entertainment part. If we talk about where we get this from, we have done a lot of work in the last three years.

We’ve done a lot of running work and now is the time for exciting things. We are going to release many different games this year, three of which were exhibited at the ICE in London. We’re going to provide a new experience that focuses on millennial players, entertainment, thrills, and giving players a fresh take on the core games.

We want to respect the needs of existing players, but we also pay attention to new players; there is a delicate balance when you want to achieve this. Personally, I am very excited about our new ads and exciting products that we offer players. It’s like putting all the pieces together to complete a puzzle.

What are the main difficulties you face in a live casino?

Each market has different requirements. Keeping up with technology is a challenge for the entire industry. The HTML5 project made a huge difference to the entire sector. The fact is that live casinos in general are the most technologically advanced product, and in fact, maintaining stability and meeting requirements and expectations is a challenge in itself.

We try to make sure we are up to date with what needs to be supplied. The player should have a pleasant experience. This includes a variety of things. For example, there is a lot of emphasis on responsible gambling, although I see this as an opportunity, not a difficulty.

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