Poker player Brad Booth found after two months, he is alive and well

In August, it was reported that poker player Brad Booth was missing. At that time, he had not contacted for a month. For two months, loved ones and the poker community could only guess what happened. But recently, his family notified those who were not indifferent that he had appeared, while alive and well.

It turned out that he just wanted to be alone and it so happened that it dragged on for two months. The most unpleasant thing for his family and friends is that he did not tell anyone about his planned loneliness.

His friend, who last contacted him, said that Brad was going out into the countryside and had supplies for a day or two. After about half a month as they last saw each other, he was officially reported missing.

The assumption that he is just resting away from friends has been expressed more than once. Moreover, this has already happened, only with another poker player, who then also appeared alive and well.

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