Pragmatic Launches Emerald King Rainbow Road, Payouts Up To 20,000x

There are no standard free spins and mini slots play an important role. They appear in the random bonus game Mini Slots and in the main bonus round Rainbow Road, where they determine what the multiplication of the bet will be.

After activating Rainbow Road, you need to rotate the mini-slot and move along the road from the multipliers. The further you go, the more attractive multiplications are. The final point is played up to 20,000x. According to the developers, this maximum falls on average once every 402.928 spins.

Both slots were developed in collaboration with Reel Kingdom. The first slot did not have a bonus with a multiplier track. Instead, a multiplier was offered in the main game, which would randomly increase on losing spins. The original also had 2×2 and 3×3 mega symbols.

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