Pragmatic Play presents new Roulette Live and Baccarat games

Pragmatic Play continues to deliver on its promise to significantly increase the Live Casino offer this year. Recently, a well-known provider launched two variants of what is probably the most popular table game in land-based casinos – baccarat, as well as one new variant of roulette.
Baccarat by Pragmatic Play includes all the features found in the traditional Baccarat game and also introduces the provider’s flavor to the game by giving players access to statistical trends. The new baccarat title shows players the total pot and number of players for the Player, Banker and Tie bet fields, and also offers a range of side bets.
All Pragmatic Play Baccarat tables start normally, but players can switch to commission-free mode at any time during the game by pressing the Super 6 button. A Super 6 bet is won when the Banker prevails over the Player with a total of 6 points, paid out in a 15: 1 ratio with any outcome that means a loss.
Speedy Baccarat and Macau Roulette
Speed ​​Baccarat is another name for baccarat that Pragmatic Play recently added to their Live Casino offering. While the game takes on a traditional playstyle, it also adds extra excitement. Each game round in Speed ​​Baccarat is only 27 seconds long and the betting time is limited to 12 seconds. When the betting time is up, the cards are dealt face up.
Roulette Macau is the newest addition to Pragmatic Play online roulette. The game evokes the gameplay and feel of luxury land-based casinos around the world. It is streamed from Live Casino Pragmatic Play studio with 4K camera technology.

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