Proposal to organize a global self-exclusion program

We have seen many cases of players excluding themselves in the UK to be unable to play at licensed casinos there. But they just start looking for casinos in other countries and it is obvious that most of those casinos are not as good as the ones licensed in the UK. Then they start gambling at questionable casinos that don’t have a license at all because they have to do so because they can’t play in the UK and are looking for other options.

According to one global self-exclusion scheme, they will not be able to do this.

He believes that jurisdictions such as Great Britain, Sweden and Malta may be interested in this. However, the proposal sounds like a utopia – one self-exclusion and it will not be possible to play anywhere.

After all, there will always be establishments that will gladly accept “globally” self-excluded on their websites. For example, Curacao is unlikely to join such a movement, and there are also unlicensed scammers.

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