Push Gaming explains how the Jammin Jars slot machine works

This is similar to what happens in the Jammin Jars slot machine. Apparently, speaking about the impossibility of using the math of a regular slot on Jammin Jars, the developer’s representative had the following in mind. They cannot foresee all possible scenarios for the development of events, if they do not make ready-made patterns of winnings, but consider everything separately.

For example, the first row, the first column dropped an orange, followed by an apple, etc. When mega fruits are added there, which have special abilities, and because of them there are many more events, everything becomes too complicated.

It would really be very difficult , I can’t even imagine the amount of work. Much easier to do the way Push Gaming did. All the same, in my opinion, this does not change anything for the players. After all, the result of the game is still random, and the RNG is determined.

The reaction of the players to what happened

Many players did not believe and even after the comments of the representative of Push Gaming do not believe that this was an accident. They say it’s all rigged. And there are special scenarios for bonus rounds that you can optionally launch. Therefore, casino streamers win 1,600x payouts to the public (both streamers under discussion showed such winnings). They say that this is done in order to advertise the slot machine.

Some players admit that there is such a possibility, but they do not want to believe that this microscopic chance played out . There were also defenders at the forum. They talked about the fact that normal streamers earn enough on affiliate programs and can spend a lot of money on the game and still benefit from the affiliate program.

It was mentioned that the streamer of the Nickslots casino said that he pays 50% tax, and this rate is only for those who make big money. The fact that they spend hours playing slots makes it more likely that they will get big wins.

As a counterargument, one of the players wrote that he spun the reels millions of times in free and paid modes. And only once did he win more than 1,500x the bet. And here two streamers with an interval of a week on the same slot break the same multiplication, and even the bonus round follows the same scenario.

Source: https://www.casinomeister.com/forums/threads/jammin-jars.85225/page-11#post-947069

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