“Queen of Baccarat”: shooting of a film about a legend began in the USA

Ivanhoe Pictures, a division of SK Global, teamed up with Jeffrey Sharp of Sharp Independent Pictures to produce The Baccarat Queen. This film is about Chen Yin or Sun “The Sun”, an accomplished gambler who is considered the most successful female gambler in modern history.
The filmmakers took as a basis an article by Michael Kaplan Baccarat Machine, which tells about the main techniques that allowed the “Sun” to beat many world-famous gambling establishments for millions of dollars.
She has amassed millions of dollars in winnings by teaming up with King of Poker Phil Ivey and using a technique known as edge sorting – recognizing playing cards that have edges that are unevenly cut by fractions of an inch on either side. After Phil Ivey and The Sun won £ 7,800,000 from Crockfords’ Genting during the August 2012 Punto Banco (a baccarat-like game) series, Crockfords refused to pay them the money, accusing the players of cheating. In July 2013, Crockfords sued the fraudsters, and in November 2017, the UK Supreme Court upheld a previous appellate ruling in favor of a London casino.
The ruling came less than a year after the US District Court ruled in favor of Borgat in Atlantic City, ordering Phil Ivey and The Sun to recover millions of dollars in baccarat winnings. A total of $ 10.1 million will be returned, including the $ 9.6 million the duo won using the card edge signature sorting technique.
However, despite the lost money in litter battles, Phil Ivi and the “Sun” made names in gambling circles around the world. Pretty soon the world recognizes all the details about the life of the professional gambler Sun.

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