Queen of Hearts: the favorite slot machine from Novomatic

There are just slot machines, and there are those to which it is impossible not to be imbued with love. And the Queen of Hearts slot is just one of the second. Many users agree that the Queen of Hearts game is true love embodied on the reels of the slot. Why did the audience like the Heart’s slot machine so much – we’ll see later.

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  • Plot and design
  • Queen of Hearts: process control
  • Major winnings
  • Prize round
  • Risk tour

Plot and design

Since the Queen of Hearts slot machine is dedicated to the eternal – love, the characteristic attributes of romance are abundant in the design of the slot. Rings, roses, hearts – all this can be found on the screen as active symbols of the device. And of course – a castle and a crown, because the queen is nowhere without royal attributes!

The design of the device is characterized by bright graphics and traditional “girlish” colors – purple, pink, gold.

Queen of Hearts: process control

Before you start playing the Queen of Hearts slot machine, you need to set the lines and the bet according to the standard scenario. Lines 9, as in other gaming slots from Novomatic. The rate can be up to 200 credits per line. And since Hearts is a coin-operated slot machine, the value of the credit must be set separately. Spins can be triggered both in manual and automatic modes, but the opportunity to get into the risk round is provided only by the first option.

Major winnings

Queen of Hearts: the favorite slot machine from NovomaticLove is a strong feeling, and therefore the Heart machine is expected to be endowed with high volatility: after all, it should be felt, right? So, the maximum winning among combinations is as much as 10,000 credits! Well, to be more precise, the order of winnings on the machine is as follows:

  • The same jackpot of 10,000 credits will bring the main symbol of the plot – a heart. It is also a wild, that is, it replaces other pictures in the game.
  • 3000 can be obtained for a full combination of roses.
  • Up to 500 coins are worth a lock, crown and ring.
  • Up to 250 coins are awarded for the king.
  • 200 – maximum win for queen and jack symbols.
  • Ten and nine will bring no more than 100 bets.

The queen herself can reward the player with a maximum of 3600 credits, and this sign plays outside the lines. Therefore, in Lotto Hearts slot machines, this picture is a scatter. It is not hard to guess that the main mission of the scatter is a bonus game. And in this slot it is naturally present.

Prize round

Queen of Hearts: the favorite slot machine from NovomaticThe Queen of Hearts slot machine will reach its most winning state as soon as 3 queens fall on the reels (anywhere). Depending on the number of played scatters, the user is assigned from 8 to 20 free spins. During the bonus round of Hearts, slot machines will launch a special element on the screen after each scroll. So, every time Cupid flies over the reels, who randomly shoots from his bow at the symbol. Symbols hit by Cupid’s arrows will turn into hearts – that is, into wilds. Thus, the winning potential of the draw is significantly increased.

Risk tour

They say that for the sake of love you can take a risk, and the Hearts slot machine supports this idea. Likewise, in other branded slots of the Gaminator line, the Hearts slot provides a round at risk. Users familiar with the content of the manufacturer are well aware of its principle: there is a winning amount received by the user, which will be the rate and there is a task. The task is to guess the color of the suit of a playing card that appears face down in front of the player. Is it red or black? You just need to give an answer, and the statistics of the previous played rounds are available as a hint. Actually, correct forecasting will double the amount at stake, but an error, unfortunately, will deprive the user of the bet. If the player is permanently lucky in guessing, the doubling process can be done up to 5 times with one initial bet.

One conclusion can be drawn – Queen of Hearts, this is real love embodied on the reels of the machine.

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