Ranking of the five largest casino losses

Losing at the casino …When people talk about gambling, the most often remembered are the multi-million dollar jackpots that have enriched the casual player. However, such large sums of money, from which the prize fund is formed, are taken from the losses of other visitors to gambling establishments. And today we have prepared a list of the most famous players who left fortunes in the casino.

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  • Record loss in casino in three minutes
  • The biggest loser player
  • Lost a plane at the casino
  • Biggest loss in British history
  • Got badly to 140 years in prison

Record loss in casino in three minutes

Media mogul Robert Maxwell holds the record for losing a huge amount of money in the shortest amount of time. While playing at the Ambassadeurs casino in London, playing three roulettes at once, Robert Maxwell lost £ 1,500,000 in just three minutes.

The biggest loser player

Chinese-American businessman Terrence Watanaba holds the title of biggest loser. In Las Vegas casinos, he lost $ 205 million in a year. Then he did not have enough money to settle with gambling establishments. As a result, Terrence Watanabe began to cheat with checks to pay off a debt of $ 15 million. For this, he can also receive a prison sentence. In court, Terry Watanabe argued that the casino constantly poured painkillers into his alcoholic drinks so that he remained at the gambling table for a long time, but the businessman’s lawyers could not prove this.

Lost a plane at the casino

Millionaire businessman from Syria Fuad al-Zayat in London casino Aspinall’s lost 800 thousand dollars in roulette in 15 minutes. Continuing to play, the businessman lost another $ 3.6 million overnight. Also Fuad al-Zayat in another London casino Ritz lost another 16 million dollars. After that, the British court seized all his accounts, and even the millionaire’s Boeing 747.

Biggest loss in British history

The late Australia’s richest man, Kerry Packer, lost £ 13.6 million in three days in Las Vegas. And the total losses of Kerry Packer in 1999-2000 in gambling establishments amounted to £ 27.4 million . He also lost £ 11 million at the Crockford casino in London. This loss is considered the largest in British gambling history.

Got badly to 140 years in prison

Omar Siddiq, who worked as a top manager at Fry’s Electronics with a salary of $ 225 thousand a year, lost $ 8 million in a casino in one day. And it was not his biggest loss at the casino. In ten years, the businessman lost $ 167 million. Later it was found that the businessman “earned” most of his money through fraud. Siddiq created an underground company through which he sold electronics to the company where he worked. This allowed him to receive multimillion-dollar kickbacks. The court sentenced the swindler to 140 years in prison. He also has to pay off huge casino debts.

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