Real Dealer heats up the thrill of the new Multifire Auto Roulette

Real Dealer Studios, the developer of unique casino games that combine pre-recorded video with RNG gameplay, has launched a stunning new roulette game where random multipliers spark gameplay and potentially generate huge wins.

Built using Real Dealer’s proprietary approach of combining Hollywood-quality video with cutting-edge software, Multifire Auto Roulette uses the classic European roulette format but heightens the heat by adding random bonus multipliers to each round of play.

After bets have been placed, one to five bonus numbers appear, each with a random multiplier from 50 to 500 at intervals of 50. If the player made a direct bet on one of the numbers, which will also be the bonus number, then he receives a winning multiplier.

Multifire Auto Roulette is set against a bright background and is the first multiplier roulette game from the popular studio, whose games are created as an alternative to live casino based on the studio.

Real Dealer’s approach to its games is unique in that it uses professional filmmaking techniques to deliver Hollywood-level cinematography and flawless gameplay from the first round to the last round of the game.

Shane Kotter, director of product for Real Dealer Studios, said:

“Our mission is to develop innovative and engaging online casino games that deliver a unique experience for players, and with Multifire Auto Roulette we have certainly achieved that. No other RNG roulette game causes such a high expectation of winning – with each round of the game, the player has a chance to increase his winnings up to 500 times. Multifire Auto Roulette is one of our most compelling games and it provides players with the ideal conditions for truly incredible wins. “

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