Real Life Superheroes Bonus – New Slot Release from Spinmatic

Real Life Superheroes Bonus is a spinmatic slot machine with 5 drums, 3 rows and 30 payout lines, as well as medium and high levels of volatility and RTP 95.52%. Slot has free spins, multipliers and three different bonus games.

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  • Description of the game Real Life Superheroes Bonus
  • Bonus game Phoenix Jones
  • Bonus game Nicks
  • Bonus game Mr. Extreme

Description of the game Real Life Superheroes Bonus

Selfless heroes Phoenix Jones, Nyx and Mister Extreme meet again and embody their talents in solving crimes! This time, they are working hard on clues to catch Ted Faker, who escaped from prison, and all of his associates. Help them collect clues and try to catch the bad guys with three different bonus games.

Phoenix Jones Bonus Game

During the bonus game, attack or defense is selected for each round. 50 coins are won with each successful attack and defense. If Phoenix Jones loses, the amounts are collected during the bonus game. If Phoenix Jones wins, Ted Faker is sent to jail and the big prize (1000 coins), as well as the amounts won during the bonus game, are credited to the player’s account.

Knicks Bonus Game

During this action of this bonus, Sheila is on the 5th level of the elevator and tries to escape in a helicopter, while Nyx is from the lobby trying to stop her. Each time Nyx takes Sheila to the lower floors, the player receives 50 coins. If Nyx fails to stop Sheila in 10 attempts, all collected amounts during the bonus game “burn out”. If Nyx can stop Sheila, the amounts are won during the bonus game and the big prize (1000 coins) goes to the player.

Mister Extreme Bonus Game

Mr. Extreme tries to rescue the hostages from Zakir. He selects random tools from his weapon belt to fight against Zakir and his assistants. Each damage dealt to Zakir rewards the player with 50 coins. If Mr. Extreme will not be able to save the hostages, the player will lose all the money collected during the bonus game. If Mister Extreme is able to rescue the hostages, then a big prize (1000 coins) and coins won in the bonus game will be won.

Game details Real Life Superheroes Bonus

  • Reels – 5
  • Rows – 3
  • Paylines – 30
  • RTP – 95.52%
  • Volatility – Medium-High
  • Platforms – desktops, tablets, mobile devices.

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