Rock Climber slot machine: how and where to play?

To place a bet, click the Bet button. Click until you see the desired result. If you need to set an amount that is lower than the current one, then press to the maximum, and then the countdown starts over from the minimum amount. You can use the Max Bet if you risk to the maximum.

Autoplay starts immediately if you click on the corresponding button. If you are used to specifying the number of auto spins or a bunch of other settings first, then this is not the case. Just press and the reels start spinning, press Autoplay again and the mode turns off.

There is also a Help button, by which you can go to the paytable and see what symbols are paid how, as well as what bonus functions are in the Rock Climber online slot.

From the possibilities of the slot, one can single out the risk of the game. The offer to play it appears after each win, if you do not turn on the auto-scrolling mode. To double your winnings, you will need to beat the dealer. This means choosing one of the cards that is higher than the face up.

Rock Climber slot machine: how and where to play?

Sometimes it is impossible to do this, since all the hole cards will be lower than that of the udiler. This is the specificity of Igrosoft slots. Usually the chances of winning and losing are equal. But it also happens that the player has no chance of losing. So, everything is fair. After you make your choice, all the cards are revealed to you, so you always know what your chances were.

If you’re lucky, you can activate a bonus game in which a climber will try to conquer an icy peak. You will help him by choosing one of the ropes leading up. Successful completion guarantees a super prize. But on the way to this there may be a monster, to which one of the ropes may lead.

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