Roulette without limits. Is this possible and why are limits needed?

Other progressive roulette strategies also aim to allow the player to emerge victorious even with a series of failures. They, like the Martingale system, imply an increase in the amount of risk. And if the casino offers roulette without betting limits, then the player can constantly win. Again, considering that he has an endless pile of money and even a long series of failures will not leave him bankrupt.

Despite the fact that no one has an unlimited amount of money, very rich people sometimes play in the casino. In order to exclude even a small probability of guaranteed winnings, casinos do not allow playing roulette without betting limits. At least some limits are set.

Can you find a roulette wheel with no limits?

No, this is impossible. After all, the casino must manage its risks, and removing the limits means allowing the possibility of completely undesirable events. What if someone bets a million on the exact roulette number and wins. His winnings will be 35 million. What if the stake is 100 million? A single win is still nothing, but sometimes crazy players have a whole series of successes. What then? There will always be limits to spending that even the richest establishment is not ready for.

The most that you can find is the increased limits when playing roulette. There are special tables at which high stakes are played. For some VIP players, they can individually raise the maximums. Everything will depend on a specific casino and a specific player.

In online casinos, for example, you can find tables with live roulette, where the limits can reach hundreds of thousands. It is believed that the tables from Evolution Gaming have the highest limits, reaching half a million euros. For the average player, this is like a casino with no betting limits. And so, it is impossible to find roulettes without any limits.

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