Scientists decided to find out which gambling is the most harmful

UKGC – the British gambling industry commission has announced a scientific study that will determine the most harmful type of gambling entertainment.

The research will be carried out in cooperation with the board of the gambling regulator – RGSB and the niche charity foundation GambleAware.

The goal of the UKGC initiative is to systematize user data, as well as information from industry workers, in order to ultimately better understand the mechanism of combating gambling addiction. Special attention will be paid to the properties of the games, the setting and other atmospheric factors.

GambleAware Research Director – Claire Wiley said on behalf of the company that they are excited about the upcoming collaboration with RGSB and UKGC. By properly tracing the behavioral factors, it will be possible to identify the most dangerous types of gambling. The first stage of research will be devoted to online gambling, and the second – to other formats. The results obtained will make it possible to more comprehensively protect the interests of the players.

UKGC Director Ben Haden emphasizes that cooperation with gambling companies will play a key role in the research. They are the ones who have the tools to expand the base of identified factors. Having analyzed various gambling games and services through this prism, it will be possible to identify the most potentially dangerous moments for users.

Haden also said the new study is more than idle data analysis. Careful and complex work is carried out with the information provided by the operators. Thus, UKGC intend to actively encourage gambling companies for their assistance.

So, cooperation with UKGC operators is beneficial on all fronts. In particular, they will have an additional opportunity to protect themselves from fines: the UKGC has written them out for a total of about $ 23.5 million over the past year. Reason – insufficient audience protection.

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