Secrets of Book of Ra slot machines: how to win more

The Book of Ra slot machine is a game that conquered the world with its fascinating theme and simply incredible winning opportunities. Catching a bonus game in Books is the cherished dream of millions of players around the world. Indeed, here you can get a really big jackpot. Especially if you know the secrets of the Book of Ra slot machines and some patterns. What does the Book of Ra slot machine conceal, how to beat the best slot of all time?

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  • Initial data
  • Secrets of Book of Ra slot machines: why you shouldn’t play on 1 payline
  • Small winnings to help
  • Risk game as an additional opportunity
  • Time is the key to success
  • Rate increase

Initial data

But first, let’s go through the well-known available parameters. Book of Ra virtual slot machine – online version of the once popular mechanical gambling machine. By and large, this is a machine from the past, and therefore the characteristics are authentic here.

First, the slot has 5 reels and 9 lines. It is highly recommended in Book of Ra to play at least 7 lines, but ideally – on all. In this case, the cost of a bet per spin will be higher, but the order of wins directly depends on the number of active lines. In general, this applies to all slot machines, not only Books: the winning potential is revealed only on all lines. It makes sense to reduce the number of lines unless there is practically no bankroll and you want to finish it off.

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Secrets of Book of Ra slot machines: why you shouldn’t play on 1 payline

Secrets of Book of Ra slot machines: how to win moreSpeaking about how to win at the slot machines of the Book, there are supporters of the game on the same line. Say, the basic gameplay is secondary and you need to catch the bonus. However, this game strategy is too risky: with the game on one line, you can lose your entire bankroll too quickly without waiting for the scatters to fall out.

The blind hunt for the Bonuska can play a cruel joke with the user. Yes, it is the prize round that brings the biggest drifts. But since you can win at Book of Ra also by combinations, basic payments will be a good recharge. If the game goes along all lines and it is generally long, the prizes for the combinations made will create a good “cushion” so that you can make new bets. So the likelihood grows to hold out in the game, waiting for the bonus.

Small winnings to help

Many players have no other goal than to win a lot at slot machines at once. Say, there is no profit from small wins: sometimes they do not even cover the amount of the bet. And here, speaking about the secrets of Book of Ra, one cannot fail to mention the risk game. Many users ignore this opportunity, and completely in vain. Risk game – the ability to double any of your winnings when it has already been received. Yes, agreeing to participate in the tour is an additional risk, as you can lose everything. But risk betting is the best way to use small wins. If the amount of loans received is not significant, then it makes sense to risk it. But it is better to take large and even medium winnings right away, no matter how tempting the prospect of doubling them is.

Risk game as an additional opportunity

Secrets of Book of Ra slot machines: how to win moreBy the way, about the risk game. Some secrets of the Book of Ra slot machines are hidden right here. When the mode opens, the user can see the statistics of previous results: what color were the last 5 cards played. Focusing on early indicators, the Martingale strategy can be applied in the risk game. In this case, choose the same color every time, and after a loss, change.

Time is the key to success

Again, if you play Book of Ra for a long time, you can most likely get a bonus. The secrets of the Book of Ra game are simple: in volatile slots you just need to wait in the wings. Playing at a moderate rate and fueling your bankroll with winnings will help you hold out in the process.

Rate increase

Some people say that winning at Book of Ra is kind of easier if the bet is small. Like, with a big bet, winnings do not fall. In fact, the nature of the winnings does not depend on the size of the bet. The algorithms of the machines do not look at the sums or the actions of any particular player.

Moreover, it is a successful, timely increase in the bet that will make it possible to win as much as possible at the slot machines of the Book. The ideal scenario for how to win at Book of Ra is as follows:

  1. Play on all lines and at a low bet.
  2. To hold out in this mode as long as possible.
  3. Get 15-20 losing spins in a row.
  4. In anticipation of bonuses, raise the bet and hit the jackpot.

Who would not say anything about how to win at the slot machines of the Book, there is no guaranteed harbinger of a bonus in the slot. This can only be guessed, but some regularity can still be traced. As a rule, you need to wait for bonuses, it rarely drops out right away. You can also focus on the number of losing spins: if the slot is already spinning so 15-20 did not give anything at all, it can break through at any moment. So, it makes sense to raise the bet after a long series of empty spins. Well, the bonus will definitely compensate these costs in full.

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