Secrets of casino employees: what you did not know exactly

The profession of the security worker in principle was always shrouded in secrecy and repeatedly became a trades for legends. Interest in the nuances of work in the law enforcement has always been, and he never fully satisfied. Non-disclosure subscriptions, professional codes and concerns about their own security – all this motivates the guards of the order to be aside from interviews and other public discussions of their profession. Well, the most important reason is that the disclosure of secrets of security services directly complicates the work of them.

Nevertheless, the former workers of certain spheres / companies / instances are sometimes divided by some insides. So, Richard Macchin is the author of several books about gambling and not the last blogger in the subject of gambling – was able to interview the head of the video surveillance service of one of Las Vegas casinos. The most interesting facts from the answers of the surveyed expert read below.

Fact 1 – Monitoring takes not only live

Usually security service workers are following real-time casino clients, rather than browsing records. Especially close analysis is relying in situations where security operators are applied to the corresponding request from casino workers in the hall. Especially often rewrung moments with counting Hi / Lo cards.

Fact 2 – losses often bring casino employees

The greatest damage that can prevent the casino security worker, carry the corners from the staff in the hall. In large rooms and with a large stream of visitors, it is difficult to keep track of everything that happens, especially when in the security service of only 5 employees. The interview hero notes that thefts from dealers, bartenders and waiters bring even more loss than the casino can lose on adantive players. Say, any game will end sooner or later, the person will just come later again if he wants. And the thief will never stop.

Fact 3 – Schulers often work as a whole team

The concept of chairs in the casino is quite stretching: it can be both an amateur attempt to extend the bid and the whole fraudulent scheme. And sometimes the guards of order in the casino have to see exceptionally skillful cases of bones change in Craps. Some particularly poetic workers of the sphere compare this with a professional orchestra game on stage, so everything is coordinated. Moreover, in Las Vegas, a group that has developed a scheme of the scam can walk with it at 7-8 casinos, repeating everything at the rolled.

FACT 4 – Amateur Trades “Shulers” are found at all

Nevertheless, professional chairs are a big rarity. But the amateurs in the casino guards of the order catch with enviable regularity. Mostly these people are simply trying to take advantage of the weakness or inattention dealer under the pressure of increasing from the game of adrenaline. “Cheat casino” is not a dream of millions? Let even in primitive scale ..

FACT 4 – Obustors take charm

Adval players who consider maps or applying other strategies to minimize the risk are rare. Mostly a request for surveillance by persons suspected of adventure, initiate dealers and pit bosses. But it often happens that the Statograms manage to disagree with the dealer and drive it for some time, or just masterfully merge with the crowd and stay in the shade. Such players know that the scale of the work of the order of the order is large, and for all it is really unrealistic to keep track. This is used. But if the pit boss notices something suspicious, the security service will certainly open abuse.

Fact 4 – Guards of the order pay attention to every little thing

99% of casino visitors come simply behind the game and recreation, so they do not represent interest to enhanced guarage attention. Nevertheless, security workers carefully search the remaining one percentage – fraudsters and thieves. Most often they are identified on suspicious appearance (for example, clothes are not for the weather) or excessive attention to third-party details (the attackers do not look at the game tables, but look around, where what lies, who does what and t.D.). Look out for those who are clearly interested in the game.

Moreover, the criteria for determining suspicious visitors are very diverse. They are much deeper than “this one in the hat, which means hiding”. Standard cinema tricks are more likely to myths.

On the amount of drunk, also pay attention only in the presence of third-party factors. In the end, you can only pretend that you drink alcohol. However, in some casinos there is a practice of tagging non-alcoholic beverages with tubes or other glasses to sign about the possible visitor attempt to “let dust in the eyes”.

Fact 5 – Casino Store Customer Photos

It happens that the guards of order do not have time to determine a dishonest game, and the result of some player is suspicious. In such cases, employees store photos, “put on a pencil” of certain visitors. It often happens that advautive players come again, and then it becomes easier to determine a dishonest game.

Nevertheless, the player is not considered a priori suspicious if he just won a large. Winnings are normal and naturally, and the casino still gets its profits.

Fact 6 – The players in the slots are followed

In the era of electronic vehicles, the security service does not have a special need to follow the players on the slots, and administrators of the hall are also coping with this monitoring. Increased attention is given to the players behind the tables, because there really is the likelihood of money leakage. However, when the slots were still mechanical, the work of the order and there was enough: it was necessary to follow, did not have anyone “the arm of the monkey” or what other hitrophic device to fool the game machine.

Fact 7 – Casino has customer databases

Black lists of visitors and databases of experienced / professional players, as well as just frequent guests in the casino really have. Usually in the security service there is a separate person verifying customers in real time. And these bases in different casinos are including common.

FACT 7 – Observation service monitors Shules without equipment

Although the software to determine the card account and exists, the guards of the order more often determine adventutive cases on their own. Employees teach card account and other shoe techniques so that they do not lose vigilance and acted promptly. The main nuance is that a lot of time goes to work. Yes, and to run it, you need to distract. By the way, that is why the casino is prioritized by people with good mathematical abilities.

Fact 8 – Casino customers identify automatic systems by appearance

In banks, airports and other instances, including casino, automatic persons are increasingly implemented. And in many casinos such programs are already working with might and main, but these systems are far from perfection. Attempts to search for persons often do not bring an adequate effect, especially if we consider that at the base sometimes they are recorded not the highest quality images. Nevertheless, the opinion prevails that this is just a matter of time, and the technology itself will show.

Well, the recognition of car numbers and fixing the surveillance cameras shows itself quite efficient. Thief in most cases will find. There are also technologies that automatically notify that the car drove into the casino territory, which had previously left a suspicious client.

Fact 9 – For suspicious players create uncomfortable conditions

Take an adventtive player to clean water – this is in the interests of the casino. However, it is the security officers who are guided by strictly defined algorithms and detailed analysis, until the latter is trying not to give green light on detention. Opponents are suitable for the client only when the arguments will be more than enough. That is why in the work of the security service casino, constant tracking and concentration has such important.

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