Self-exclusion with GAMSTOP. One method, multiple accounts

First, you need to register on the GAMSTOP website, then provide the data that was used when registering an account in those casinos from which you need to self-exclude. On average, after 24 hours, you will no longer have access to your accounts. Although GAMSTOP does not guarantee that it will meet exactly at this time.

Once self-exclusion is activated, it can no longer be canceled. Users are offered three minimum periods: 6 months, 1 year and 5 years . If, for example, 6 months is selected, then when the minimum period expires, you can deactivate the function. Deactivation will not be automatic. Moreover, after the deactivation request, you will have to wait another 24 hours before the player will have access to the casino.

How does GAMSTOP self-exclusion work?

Judging by what the representative of VideoSlots said on one of the forums, this is how it works. A player who has used the self-exclusion function through GAMSTOP enters the casino website, enters his username and password. At this point, GAMSTOP notifies the casino of its self-exclusion. This means that he will never be able to enter.

It should also be borne in mind that after a request for GAMSTOP, self-exclusion will not take effect until the player tries to log into his casino account. Until that moment, he can receive messages from the operator.

It is interesting that all these details can be found not on the GAMSTOP website itself, but on one of the casino forums, where VideoSlots representatives talked to the players. An interesting story happened to this operator.

The casino stated that GAMSTOP had mistakenly included them in the list of operators connected to the system. While VideoSlots didn’t know about it. As a result, a couple of cases were discussed on the forums when players allegedly excluded themselves from VideoSlots, but were able to continue playing.

This system is only at an early stage. Therefore, it is possible that there may be some shortcomings or errors. But by the time operators are required to connect to GAMSTOP, it should already work correctly.

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