Sheriff Gaming in court. Fraudsters face several years in prison

On Thursday, the three main participants in the case appeared in court, and the case resurfaced in the news. Prosecutors are demanding 4 years in prison for the executive director and 30 and 36 months in prison for the brothers. Moreover, they requested the confiscation of the property not only of the suspects, but also of their relatives, who could cash in on their thieves’ money.

According to the prosecution, they laundered illegal money through their seven casinos based in Costa Rica. The money they received, as prosecutors believe, from the sale of drugs.

The most interesting thing about that story was that the Sheriff Gaming programmer said that their jackpots were set up so as not to pay out big winnings to real players. The most delicious progressive jackpots were sent to relatives and friends of the accused.

The alleged scammers deny doing anything illegal, despite claims from a Sheriff Gaming programmer. But their property has already been sold and taken away for tax evasion. It is assumed that the decision on the case will be made on December 20.

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