Shooting in Vegas: What happened two years ago at the festival?

The tragedy of October 1, 2017, as a result of which 58 people died and more than 800 were injured, occurred at the Country Music Festival under the open-air, which gathered on Las Vegas Strip over 22,000 people.

For about 10 minutes, 64-year-old Stephen Peddock has released more than 1000 bullets right in the crowd of vacationers at the festival from the window of its hotel room on the 32nd floor, with Mandalay Bay casino. He shot himself before the police penetrated his room.
After some time, hundreds of videos from the scene scattered on the Internet, including police video materials, video surveillance workers, shooting on mobile phones and communications in social networks from frightened visitors to the festival. On many videos, you can see how the victims shoot or how people lie dead on the site of the festival, while thousands of other visitors covered by panic are trying to escape.

It was not only the longest mass shooting in the history of the United States, but also the most widely captured.

Boom on the Internet

When Diana Hutchinson watches the videos of a terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, which happened 2 years ago, her stomach is compressed and it begins to torment. She rings in the ears and sweats the whole body. She begins to cry, losing control over himself and continues to cry until it cares.

“I listened to the video with closed eyes. It was difficult to watch, “says Diana Hutchinson from British Columbia, Canada, in an interview for CBS News. When she finally looked at the journalist with open eyes, he said that at that moment a piece of his soul died.

Hutchinson is one of the thousands of survivors after the shooting, which are struggling with an unprecedented form of injury: she survived shooting on Las Vegas Strip.

The publicity of the tragedy entries on the Internet has become a real test for survivors. Some still can not release the situation, again and again reviewing these rollers, others are fighting off from attacks of anonymous users trying to find evidence of conspiracy theory.

Diana says that she and her boyfriend pretended to be dead during a shootout, because they could not understand where she was shelling. So they lacked 45 minutes.

Hutchison shared with journalists, that first time after the tragedy she again and again revised all these videos on Youtube. “Watching the video helped me understand how other people experience was” – said Diana. However, everyone’s experience is different, like their life in today’s day.

“We decide to fight evil” – surviving

In the first anniversary of the tragedy, many survivors arrived at the Sunrise hospital, in which more than 200 victims were treated.

Zack Meker, a 23-year-old resident of San Diego, came there to thank people who saved him life on October 1, 2017, when the bullet hit him in the thigh at the Route 91 Harvest festival.

“I spent the 21st day here,” said Meker near Emergency Supplies Sunrise. “They did everything possible to raise me and move. There are some of the best people here. “

Tracy Shimanski, director of servicing guests, stood next to him and his girlfriend. She was also a guest of the festival and miraculously avoided the bullet, and then especially close to patients.

“They helped me to cure, probably more than I helped them,” said Shimanski, holding back tears.

“Scars from October 1 will forever stay with us,” said Governor Nevada Brian Sandoval. “But today and every day we make a choice in favor of fighting evil”.

Vagas Silen – under such a slogan in public communities, noted countless episodes of courage, compassion and resistance, which were shown by residents of the city immediately after the attack. There were so many donors that hospitals had to refuse wishing, and outside the hospitals unfolded shelters for victims and collected provisions. Then Vegas saw many situations truly heroic.

The slogan “Vegas is stronger” was used last year to celebrate the growth in the last 12 months. And the strength of the Spirit with which the participants in the incident entered the new year. Well, what about the case in 2019?

Life continues: in the footsteps of the past

The memory of the tragedy will live in the hearts of the Americans forever. Many residents of the United States, who are not resting indifferent to someone else’s grief and national grief, are going to honor the memory of the dead at the next Route 91 Harvest festival, which will be held on October 1, 2019. In the program of the festival, in addition to music – religious events, communication with experienced tragedy, tribute to the memory. Well, fun – as a sign that life continues.

As the second anniversary of the terrible and meaningless shooting, the survivors and families of the killed are working to comprehend their new realities and their newly acquired hopes and fears.

“Life will not put on pause,” says one of the victims, 37-year-old Chelsea Mc Mill from Southern California. Having departed a girlfriend at that very festival, he was in a wheelchair, but did not put a cross on himself. Chelsea married, started a puppy, began to try sports suitable for people with special features.

Of course, physiotherapy occupies a special place in the life of Mac-Millan. Former Sheriff’s Assistant, Chelsea has his cherished dream to recover sufficiently to start his favorite work again. “Go at high speed and catch the villains” – so he sees his future.

30-year-old Mrs. Chelsea Romo also became one of the victims of the tragedy. She lost one eye and was injured in the second. Her rehabilitation was much easier and faster than the physicians assumed. Now Chelsea is a lens in the surviving eye, due to which it has good eyesight. It is enough to ride the car, read, care for your two children.

“” Your face … “- then my girlfriend said. I have seen only orange light “.

Chelsea could not reach the same job demanding long stay at the computer, and life was no longer the same. But she says that everything goes to his woman, even even now otherwise.

“Doctors called my recovery miracle,” says Mrs. Romo.

Romo is a single mother, for which that fatal festival was the first after divorce with a girlfriend with a friend, without children and worries. After the tragedy, her circle of communication was significantly expanded – the girl became friends with many who touched the story with shooting. Still, this grief near many.

The commemorative date of the anniversary of the slaughterhouse in Las Vegas is approaching. This is the history of the crime, the motive of which was not able to establish. She took tens of life, but at the same time showed what the power of the Spirit, the desire to help and live.

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