Slot machine Aliens from 2017 is not available to play in casino

In the bonus game, the infantryman exterminated all those monsters that he found in the main game. The round continued until the infantryman ran out of ammo. Then he was simply killed by another group of strangers. Additional reserves could be obtained by rotating a special reel that appeared after each free spin.

The main goal of the player playing the slot was to get to the nest and kill the alien queen . This could only be achieved by killing all monsters found during the scan. I’ve played the Aliens slot for free, but I never managed to destroy the nest.


Slot machine Aliens is a mega addicting slot. It’s a shame it was only available for a few years. It can easily be called one of the first to offer this level of player engagement. It would be interesting if players could at least play Aliens slot machine in demo mode, for free and without registration.

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