Slot machine Gnome how to play for free without registration

The last command is Help. She opens the paytable. There you will find all the details of how many symbols are paid in the Gnome slot machine, as well as options for bet lines, a description of the bonus and the risk of the game.

The standard for all Igrosoft slot machines is the presence of a risk game. The offer to take a chance appears with every win. You can refuse it. But if you agree, you will get a chance to double the winnings of the Gnome slot for free, and if you are lucky, you will double it repeatedly, so in the end you can reach a multiplier of x32.

During the risk game, you must choose one of four cards, and it must be higher than the one that is open. The odds will not always be equal, since out of four not necessarily two will be winning, but two will be losing. Sometimes, no matter what you win, everything will lead to a loss, since all four cards presented at the choice are lower than the one open at the dealer. But it happens and vice versa, choosing any, you will remain the winner.

There are no free spins here, but there is a Gnome bonus game called Minecart. To activate it, you need three minecarts in the main game. Then the main character will pull the levers and empty the carts. Some will drop gems, while others may have dirt, the appearance of which means the end of the round. It is sometimes especially beneficial to play this round of the Gnome machine gun, since the luckiest ones in all the trolleys get something of value. And this is not only additional free credits, but also an opportunity to earn a super prize in the next round.

If you play at high stakes, then the gnome is given an umbrella that will protect him from being splashed in mud when the trolleys are unloaded. And this increases the chances of getting a super prize. The player will only have to point to one of the two chests where the treasures are hidden.

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