Slot Machine The Money Game: The Most Money Gaming Game

The popular slot machine The Money Game, also known by its alternative name Green Money, appeared in the 2000s. That is, at the same time as Books, Balls and other popular classic Novomatic slots. Actually, they all belong to the same line – Gaminator. This name has firmly engraved in the minds of all gambling lovers. Moreover, The Money Game slot machine occupies a special place in this series – it is reputed to be the most monetary Gaminator.

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  • Theme and design
  • Features of the game on the slot
  • The Money Game slot machine: special features
  • Prize round
  • Risk tour

Theme and design

In many ways, slot machines received such a resounding glory due to their theme. The plot of the slot tells the story of the banker and the money that surrounds him from all sides. Bags of cash and valuable coins, wallets and cases – all these monetary attributes will surround the user throughout the game.

Naturally, green color predominates in the design of the slot: this is how Green Money online slot machines got their alternative name. Well, the gameplay of the device perfectly supports the given dynamics.

Features of the game on the slot

So, Green Money slot machines offer a characteristic, seasoned gameplay. Bankers are supposed to be discreet? Therefore, only proven and familiar, the most profitable bonus functions will be encountered here. It is worth noting: due to the volatility of the machine, it has such a great winning potential that even a banker at the sight of such winnings would not hold back joyful emotions!

The Money Game slot machine: special features

Slot Machine The Money Game: The Most Money Gaming GamePlaying The Money Game slot machine, you can get up to 9000 credits for a combination. This is exactly the jackpot for the full line of banker symbols. In addition, the banker is also a wild symbol. That is, if it is included in another combination, it can replace another symbol. Which will be very useful: when replacing the wild slot, the amount of credits that is supposed to be doubled is doubled. So, in the paytable, therefore, even 2 rows of coefficients are spelled out – for ordinary combinations and separately for those where wild is involved.

There are 13 symbols in the game in total, and 5 of them are paid from 2 in a line. This is another advantageous feature of the slot, because most machines pay only for combinations with at least 3 digits.

Among other things, The Money Game slot also contains a scatter. The scatter is a symbol for which the lines do not matter at all, it is paid at any place. 3-5 such scatters on the screen – and the user receives up to 4500 credits, and even starts the bonus game!

Prize round

Slot Machine The Money Game: The Most Money Gaming GameAt Money Game, the developers used a proven bonus method. The gameplay was endowed with one of the most profitable and recognizable types of prize rounds – multiplier free spins. This will be 15 free spins, as a result of which all received winnings will be tripled.

It is noteworthy that free spins always pass according to the current parameters of the game: what was the bet and the number of lines at the time of activation of the bonus – they will remain so. The multiplier for the received winnings will be applied at the very end of the prize stage.

Risk tour

Well, if the user of the Money Game slot wants to increase his investments, he can do it no worse than any broker. However, it will not do without risk: everything is like in real banking! So, after receiving any winnings on the machine, you can press the Risk button and thus move to a special round. Just need to guess the color of the card, putting the last win as a bet. Good luck will bring instant doubling of funds.

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