Slot machines Lucky Haunter (Traffic jams): Let’s sit? Let’s drink?

Corks slot machine (Lucky Hunter) – bottle caps are more valuable than it might seem at first glance. And it’s not even about socially beneficial plastic collection or environmental protection. Who can really appreciate the value of traffic jams are slot machine lovers! In the original name, this is the Lucky Haunter slot, which translates as “happy regular”. With the Corks slot, the game of slot machines began to play with new colors. All thanks to the unusual bonus game, due to which the Cork slot machines, in fact, got their alternative, “popular” name. Let’s see why it is in Corks that it is so exciting to play!

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  • Characteristics and control of traffic jams
  • Registration of the game Lucky Haunter
  • Symbols and payouts of the tube
  • Slot machines Lucky Hunter (traffic jams): Provistent Round
  • Risk Tour Lucky Haunter Slot

Characteristics and control of traffic jams

Like the entire content from the Igrosoft Slots manufacturer, Lucky Haunter slot machines have a set of 5 drums (3 characters each) and 9 lines. Lines game in traffic jams implies bilateral. That is, as well as in monkeys, garages and other well-known plots, the combination, combinations are formed not only from left to right, but in reverse order. Naturally, the chain of symbols should remain inseparable.

That is, online slot machines Lucky Haunter are remarkable high volatility. This means that in a few spins, you can rather get one win, but big than many prizes, but for small amounts. If you play slot machines corks, you can disrupt kush to 3750000 credits!

Another characteristic feature that the Lucky Haunter slot machines have an old-fashioned control panel. Such a set of buttons once had all the gaming devices: it was in ancient times, pre-internet times. As a date, the last slot machine Lucky Haunter has been sauntered in himself.

So, before playing the plugs, you need to set the desired number of lines from 1 to 9 (odd only). For each of these indicators, the button is answered: Attention to the green round buttons in the center of the panel. Below are the Help buttons (open payments and rules table), Bet and Max Bet for setting a bet and start with AutoPlay – to run drums. If there is a desire in traffic jams to play at maximum opportunities, it is better to immediately click on Max Bet. It is very convenient: you can immediately start rotations.

Registration of the game Lucky Haunter

Slot machines Lucky Haunter (Traffic jams): Let's sit? Let's drink?Since the lids are the machines of the flash, quite expected and their design. Recognizable cartoon graphics and image of the main character of the plot, located on the screen not far from the drums – a picture, familiar to many players. In the case of the game in the tube devices, users will see a blue-haired visitor to the beer bar, which came to relax after a hard working day. It is already sitting behind the rack, sipping a beer, poured straight from the barrel. According to the plot that the cover is endowed with the game, it all happens to the music from an old patefone. Such a picture unfolds a game of cork machines, but by one beer, of course, it will not be.

Symbols and payouts of the tube

The payload table, which has the play apparatus corks, are prescribed winning coefficients for each symbol. What is noteworthy, the symbols of this game apparatus contains exclusively thematic: the absence of banal maps of cards on the drums is another characteristic feature of VenDor Igrosoft. In the cork machines, playing through images that most often occurs in the bar – drinking and snacks. Here are the winnings you can get for game signs:

  • Stands – the most expensive symbol of slot, a combination with which costs up to 5,000 loans.
  • Horseshoe – a wild symbol that replaces many other pictures of the game. But as an independent symbol of Hodakov also brings prizes, and up to 2000 per line.
  • Cracks – Delicates for beer, which will bring up to 500 winnings coins.
  • Behind the character of wine you can win up to 200 loans.
  • 100 coins leaning for shrimp.
  • Combination with beer can cost to x50.
  • Bank will bring no more than 20 loans.
  • Bottle – the most modest sign with winning indicators up to 10 coins per line.

We did not talk about only one symbol – the blue cap. This item has no winning odds, but it does trigger the most lucrative stage of the slot – the bonus round.

Lucky Hunter Slots (Traffic Jams): Prize Round

Slot machines Lucky Haunter (Traffic jams): Let's sit? Let's drink?As in the case with other slots from Igrosoft, Covers are slot machines with two levels of the prize round. On the first of them, the user will see 5 caps, the same as the bonus symbol. All or almost all of these caps hide a pleasant surprise under them – a certain prize amount of credits. The user only has to randomly turn over one lid from time to time. There may be a trap among the caps: if it falls out, the bonus round will end, but the player will remain with the credits found under other caps. If only money was waiting for the user under all the caps, he is doubly lucky! First, because it wins all the prize coins provided by this stage. Secondly – because it falls on the second, even more profitable prize stage.

At the second stage of the Bonus Game Tube, slot machines will transfer the user to another location – for the dining table. Before him there will be two dishes with food covered with baranchiks. Guided by intuition prompts, the player must choose one of the dishes. If it turns out that under the opened baranichk, a dish of chicken was hid – the user gets a super prize slot Lucky Haunter. But under the lid there can be smashed: then, unfortunately, the super prize is not seen.

Risk Tour Lucky Haunter Slot

Another way to win extra money in this slot – Risk Tour. This stage passes on a separate screen, and the user can get into any desired moment (if he has a winning combination, of course). Actually, this win is invited to risk: if it turns out, the amount will double. To do this, choose from 4 cans of the one that will be with as high as possible. Enough to kill the number from the first bank – and your prize.

Tube slot machines brought a lot of winning players as old and new gambling.

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