StakeLogic has released a gaming machine Mighty Joker Arcade

Stakelogic takes players through the gloomy and atmospheric game room of a traditional casino to a retro slot machine where they can sit down and play the latest classic Mighty Joker Arcade.

As you would expect from a traditional slot machine, the Mighty Joker Arcade has the base game and the best game, with both being 3×3 reels. The base game pays from left to right, while the best game pays criss-cross with great winning potential.

The Stakelogic development team has done an incredible job to make the game window as realistic as possible: players use the Start, Hold, Heads, Fairy Tales and Collect buttons to control the game, which provides secret wins and the opportunity to play on doubling.

The Mighty Joker Arcade features vibrant symbols that players will instantly recognize from the many retro slot machines installed in casinos around the world, including fruits, bells and of course the Joker symbol.

Mighty Joker Arcade also boasts a progressive mystery jackpot that increases every time a player places a bet, adding 0.5% of each bet to the pot. The minimum guaranteed payout is € 500, but it must be paid when it reaches € 5,000.

Players can increase their chances of winning the jackpot by placing higher bets. The potential for a big win is not limited to this – the main game has a maximum win of € 4,000, and the best game has a maximum win of € 12,000.

Stefan Van den Oetelaar, CEO of Stakelogic, said:

“Mighty Joker Arcade is an addictive classic slot that delivers the highest possible production value while also providing players with multiple chances to win big in the base game, best game and progressive jackpot game. We believe the Mighty Joker Arcade will appeal to fans of classic slot machines in markets around the world and deliver the immersive experience they seek every time the reels spin and watch the fruit, bell and Joker symbols fall. “

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