Suez Canal Simulator Now Available On Steam

Video game developer Jason Dial announced the release of the highly anticipated Suez Canal simulator. The game has been launched on Steam and is now available for purchase and download to your Steam library. Travel Egypt in 1: 1 scale and travel the artificial waterway that changed the world – the Suez Canal.

In addition, Dial announced that the world-famous container ship Ever Given is currently under construction and in a few weeks will be available as a supplement to DLC for Suez Canal Simulator. Carefully pass your way through the Suez Canal on a 400-meter ship that kept the world in voltage, and see if you have everything you need to pilot one of the biggest ships ever built through the sands of Egypt from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.

Jason Dial also announced his next wonderful project – Panama Canal Simulator, which will be released in Steam in August. Traveling through the Panaman Canal is really included in the wish list of everyone, and soon you can go to this trip from the house at any time. Manage real ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean at an altitude of 100 feet above sea level through the jungle Panama.

The Panama Canal Steam Store page is open for viewing and anyone can visit the Steam Store and add it to their Wishlist. The developer said that it will be doing closed beta testing in July through its Discord server, and Panama Canal fans who want to participate in beta testing are invited to join the Panama Canal simulator on Discord.

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