Sweden plans to extend limits on deposits and bonuses

Since July this year, Sweden has had strict limits for gambling operators. Each player’s deposit per week cannot exceed 5,000 SEK ($ 588), and the maximum bonus is only ($ 11.8). The limits were supposed to be in effect until the end of the year, which was presented as a measure to protect the population during the quarantine. However, the government is now considering extending the measures until the end of June 2021.

These intentions have already caused negative reactions from some operators. According to Kindred, the Swedish government is talking about the growing problem of gambling addiction, but does not provide any evidence.

At the same time, the government did not provide the population with protection from unlicensed operators. And this led to an outflow of players to the unlicensed market, where they cannot be protected by the standards provided for in Sweden.

The country’s gambling regulator itself recently published statistics that only 5% of Swedes know how to check an online casino license and many do not even know whether they have played on sites licensed in the country or not.

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