Teenager won 200 thousand euros in the Spanish lottery

The Spanish State Lottery turned out to be a difficult situation, as the winner of one of the draws was the 15-year-old Cosmin Rotariu, who lives in Barcelona, ​​who hit a jackpot in the amount of 200 thousand euros in El Niño. The winner said that he bought a ticket with his father’s permission before Christmas for only 20 euros.
The main problem here is that the State Lottery and the Sociedad Estatal Loterías y Apuestas del Estado or SELAE require all participating lottery players to be 18 years of age or older. While the teenager claims that the ticket was acquired with the permission of the Father, however it does not explain why the seller of lottery tickets and selae decided to sell minors tickets. Almost all groups representing the gambling sector in Spain, who themselves earlier came across accusations of the lubrication of minors, now they want the government to find a person who will suffer responsibility for all this mess.
Now the Spanish government considers changes to the law that would significantly limit the marketing freedom of private gambling operators. This will allow you to put the gambling sector on the same level of restrictions faced in the tobacco industry. The government is still not convinced that these new amendments should be applied to state lotteries like SELAE, as they participate in transparent marketing campaigns and even sponsor sporting events. SELAE and most government lotteries do not engage in any unethical or even experimental marketing tactic to lure people in, and this incident looks like a random error.
Spanish association CEJUEGO, representing the private gambling sector, issued an official statement criticizing the government’s failure to comply with juvenile policies. The statement also criticized the nature of the coverage of this incident in the media. The teenager was portrayed as a winner, and this will force other children to follow his path.

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