The biggest casino failures ever

Gambling is always a huge risk,
accompanied by a rush of adrenaline, and it is for these emotions that they go to the casino
gamblers. However, some visitors are so addicted to such
entertainment that is no longer able to stop, losing whole
fortunes. Here are just five examples of famous people leaving casinos
record amounts.

We’ll start with the famous player Terry Watanabe, who was
co-owner of a company selling various souvenirs. Terry adored
Owners of gambling establishments, since he literally put records on the amounts
lost in cash casino. At some point, Terry Watanabe decided to sell
its share in the company and celebrate this event. Businessman carried away alcohol,
and then and gambling, as in the numerous Las Vegas casino to him
Always offered strong drinks for free. Because of this, he only in one year
In 2007, he lost $ 120 million in a casino, and his overall loss for
Several years amounted to more than $ 205 million.

Also notable is the history of the legendary Archie Caras, which
I arrived in Las Vegas to experience my fate with 57 dollars in the wallet, and then
In just a few years I brought my condition to more than $ 40 million., Playing B
Different board games, including poker and bakkar. After that, even the most
Experienced players were afraid to sit down to play with Archie for one table, counting him
invincible. But luck is a capricious lady, and it is baccarat in the end
totally ruined Archie Karas. He was so addicted to this gambling game that
lost every cent.
And the famous media mogul Kerry Packer 20 ago, perhaps,
was the most desperate of gamblers. In 1999, Kerry Packer in just three
weeks in London casinos lost more than $ 20 million. Most eyewitnesses
I remember the case when Kerry Packer in one of the casinos in London decided to play
on four roulettes at once, making a total bet of $ 15 million. Neither
one of these bets failed and the media mogul lost all his money, but he
I was not upset at all and left the casino to walk around the city at night.

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